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Flash animation

2009-07-07 15:40:45 by Tchaleko

I'm looking forward into the flash animations, as I don't know how to make those I would like to team up with someone who does to make an Old-West movie, I love those and all I ask is to use my character Slim Bill, he looks really queer I know but that's something you can change with some photoshop, if someone is interested contact me. My hotmail is or just leave a message in my newgrounds account :3

Flash animation

Help nedded!

2009-07-07 13:35:21 by Tchaleko

I'm looking for help to try some differente draw styles, I know that my cartoons are really crappy so that's why I'm asking for help, if anyone knows anything about shading or anime style, PLEASE send something that I can learn, I would be very gratefull :3


2009-07-06 23:37:00 by Tchaleko

Finally I can act on the Newgrounds community, as I can't animate nor program not even play any instrument D: I decided to post my drawings in the site, support me people!!

Thank you everyone :3